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David Forer

Master of Wine

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Vini frui, frui vita!

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I want to help you achieve your goals wherever you are in the wine business.

If you need a dynamic, innovative and unique mind to help you see the opportunities that abound in the world of wine, please contact me.


The path from the winery to the final customer is often a long and and often challenging one. I can help you succeed within the confusing world of the three tier system by guiding with the evaluation of an importer, selection of a distributor and education for the final sales team. I can also connect you with industry leaders at every point in the chain. Conversely, if you are contemplating a new brand, I can advise on its viability and potential.


Making a wine that is the right quality, price and style for your target audience is one thing, but if you don’t have the right image expressed with a unique design, you are putting yourself at a large disadvantage in this competitive market. I can help you in all aspects of establishing a significant and differentiated presence, including naming your brand, designing a corporate logo or label, and sourcing the final packaging.


Whether to carry, distribute or import a wine is one of the most critical business decisions you’ll make. I can provide an unbiased independent assessment based on experience reviewing thousands of wines and intimate knowledge about the global world of wine. Post selection, I can help with pricing decisions, marketing plans and promotional support. I have curated distinct and profit generating on-premise wine lists which respected the character of the establishments while provoking noteworthy excitement among millennial customers.


Helping people learn about wine while ensuring they have fun doing so is my forte! Let me entertain your party or corporate event with new and interactive ways to enjoy wine. I can lead tastings from any level, basic to advanced, while making sure that everyone is learning and smiling the whole way!
Also, please take a look at the part-day tours I run at Elite Napa Tours to see about running a corporate wine event in Napa (or Sonoma!).


I’m also available for judging at wine competitions. I have judged at the Decanter World Wine Awards, the Bacchus competition in Madrid, and at the SIAL Top 100 in Shanghai.


Too often wine lists favor trendiness over deliciousness, or ego over revenue, or even can-I-impress-my-industry-friends over satisfying-consumers-desires. If you’re looking for a practical eye to create or maintain a list that is sustainable, pleasure-focusued and revenue conscious but also eye-opening and a draw for new customers, please contact me – I’d be happy to help make your list fantastic!




testimonial_quoteWe are so glad that we went with David to create our wine and beer program. He made an innovative and dynamic list, but also one that was revenue focused!
- Scott L., San Francisco

Dave’s assistance with our original label design and recent refresh was great! He kept us on target for our demographic and price point.

-Sara F., Sonoma
testimonial_quoteDavid’s tours of Napa are fantastic! Elegant, super high end, and he got us access to the most exclusive wineries in Napa!
- Michael F., Switzerland
testimonial_quoteWhen we redesigned the branding for our wine and spirits shop, Dave gave us really valuable input on the design!
- Don N., San Francisco